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USB Fans

  1. Airing micro USB fan 258891

    Airing micro USB fan
    Power button free, micro USB fan suitable for use with most smartphones and tablets. Removable,...

    From£1.40 EACH

  2. Fan Loras 269005

    Fan Loras
    Adjustable desk fan. USB Rechargeable. Supplied in four colours.

    From£4.57 EACH

  3. Mini Fan Miclox 228156

    Mini Fan Miclox
    Desk fan with USB plug in cable.

    From£6.06 EACH

  4. Portable mini fan. 218531

    Portable mini fan.
    Portable mini fan. ABS. With USB connection. Cable: 20 x 140 x 15 mm , Blade: 89 x 11 x 21 mm

    From£1.32 EACH

  5. USB Phone Fan 268749

    USB Phone Fan
    Mini fan with micro USB and lightning connector. Simply plug into your phone for a fan on the go.

    From£1.59 EACH

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