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Travel Light

  1. Allegro coin holder key light 178457

    Allegro coin holder key light
    1 Euro sized plastic coin with 6mm hole in holder with single white LED key light. 25mm metal split...

    From£0.47 EACH

  2. Antares key light 46810

    Antares key light
    Slim and lightweight key light with single bright white LED and push button power switch. Metal...

    From£0.56 EACH

  3. Astro Key Light 148905

    Astro Key Light
    3 white LED key light. Metal split key ring. Batteries included. Aluminium

    From£1.11 EACH

  4. A-tract magnetic torch 178345

    A-tract magnetic torch
    Flat magnetic torch with two white LED, on-button and arm strap. 2-piece CR2016 button cell...

    From£1.14 EACH

  5. Avior rechargeable USB key light 94053

    Avior rechargeable USB key light
    Single LED rechargeable USB torch with twist-action on/off power switch and metal split key chain....

    From£2.66 EACH

  6. Bullet key light 156317

    Bullet key light
    Single white bulb. Push-button on/off switch. Metal split key ring. Battery included. PS plastic

    From£0.48 EACH

  7. Carina dynamo key light 46226

    Carina dynamo key light
    2 white LED dynamo key light with on/off power switch. This wind up key light torch never burns...

    From£2.22 EACH

  8. Castor beam light 94167

    Castor beam light
    Bright white LED key light with push button. Split metal key ring. Batteries included. ABS plastic

    From£0.37 EACH

  9. Ceres carabiner key light 178347

    Ceres carabiner key light
    Reflective carabiner key light with double function includes flashing and steady LED. On/off power...

    From£0.98 EACH

  10. Draco key light 46811

    Draco key light
    Bright 5 LED key light with push button power switch. Metal split keyring. Batteries included....

    From£1.08 EACH

  11. Helper illuminator 218926

    Helper illuminator
    Single white LED bulb-shaped light with pull on/off power switch. Convenient lamp creating light...

    From£2.99 EACH

  12. Lepus key light 94058

    Lepus key light
    Single white LED key light with torch and light functions. Push button power switch. Pull out the...

    From£1.75 EACH

  13. Lobster key light and bottle opener 148909

    Lobster key light and bottle opener
    3 white LED lights with bottle opener. Push-button power button. Metal split keyring. Batteries...

    From£1.24 EACH

  14. Orcus key light and bottle opener 116268

    Orcus key light and bottle opener
    Single white LED light. Metal bottle opener. Metal split keyring. Push-button power on back....

    From£0.69 EACH

  15. Proxima carabiner key light 187201

    Proxima carabiner key light
    Single bright white LED carabiner light. Push-button power on top. Not to be used for climbing....

    From£0.87 EACH

  16. Reflective Light Terrier 241332

    Reflective Light Terrier
    Dual function reflective show light with two LEDs. Button battery included. Suitable for bicycles,...

    From£3.23 EACH

  17. Retractable camping light 262697

    Retractable camping light
    Retractable camping light with six LED lights and metal carry handles.

    From£5.29 EACH

  18. Retro key light 116269

    Retro key light
    Single white LED light controlled by a push-button power switch. Metal split key ring. Batteries...

    From£0.48 EACH

  19. Spica whistle and key light 148904

    Spica whistle and key light
    Single red LED key light and whistle. Metal split keyring. Batteries included. ABS plastic

    From£0.40 EACH

  20. Travel Flip Light 163920

    Travel Flip Light
    The travel light slides open to illuminate books and magazines. The travel book lights compact...


  21. Usain LED shoe clip 218954

    Usain LED shoe clip
    Outdoor visibility shoe clip with on/off power button for blinking or steady mode. Easily clips to...

    From£3.35 EACH