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  1. 0.5M foldable ruler 148910

    0.5M foldable ruler
    Double side printed ruler with 50cm on one side and 20 inches on the other side. Divided in...

    £1.24 EACH

  2. 1-2-3 Miracle Sharpener 225963

    1-2-3 Miracle Sharpener
    The worlds fastest 3-stage knife sharpener. Produces razor sharp, arch-shaped edges on all quality...


  3. 15-function pocket knife 46321

    15-function pocket knife
    High quality 15-function knife in a 600D polyester pouch. Packed in a Dunlop gift box. Exclusive...


  4. 1.5m measuring tape 178337

    1.5m measuring tape
    1.5 metre round measuring tape showing centimetres on one side and inches on the other. Plastic

    £0.51 EACH

  5. 15-piece tool set 46336

    15-piece tool set
    Hammer, pliers, ratchet handle, bits and spanner with storage case. Packed in a Dunlop gift box....

    £26.62 EACH

  6. 16- Functions Multi Tool 211806

    16- Functions Multi Tool
    High quality rubber edged 16-functions tool includes 6 Hex keys (#2, #2,5, #3, #4, #5, #6), 4...

    £5.29 EACH

  7. 16-in-1 Flashlight Laser Multi-tool 218826

    16-in-1 Flashlight Laser Multi-tool
    16-in-one multi-tool features 4-piece socket set, socket connecting rod, bottle opener, knife, saw,...

    £12.04 EACH

  8. 17-piece tool set Engin 231004

    17-piece tool set Engin
    17 piece tool set Engineer packed in an aluminium case

    £43.11 EACH

  9. 18-functions multi tool 46333

    18-functions multi tool
    18-function tool with a storage pouch. Packed in a Dunlop gift box. Exclusive design. ABS and...

    £21.07 EACH

  10. 19-piece tool set 133245

    19-piece tool set
    Small and foldable with a karabiner for easy storage. The set contains: 4x socket (7-8-9-10mm), 1x...

    £5.60 EACH

  11. 1W Orbit torch 116258

    1W Orbit torch
    1 watt LED white light aluminium torch with frosted lens and twist action activation. Packed in a...


  12. 1W Vector Torch 116257

    1W Vector Torch
    Aluminium torch with powerful 1 watt LED white light with a frosted lens and a push button power...


  13. 20-piece Tool Box 247268

    20-piece Tool Box
    This 20-piece tool set in small case includes 3 screwdrivers, 10 bits in holder with: 3 Phillips...

    £6.86 EACH

  14. 24-piece tool set 47245

    24-piece tool set
    6 screw drivers, 10 bits, connector, 4 sockets, 2 pliers and tweezers combined in a tin tool box....

    £11.60 EACH

  15. 24-piece Tool Set in Pouch 247269

    24-piece Tool Set in Pouch
    This 24-piece tool set in a 600D carrying pouch with elastic loops, includes a 6 piece mini...

    £9.50 EACH

  16. 25- piece tire shape tool set 187181

    25- piece tire shape tool set
    25-piece tool set includes a mini tape measure, Phillips head screw driver, flat head screw driver,...

    £9.99 EACH

  17. 25-piece tool set 47277

    25-piece tool set
    Practical tool kit which includes a screwdriver handle, 10 bits, a connector, 4 sockets, tweezers,...

    £10.54 EACH

  18. 26pcs aluminium and metal toolset, packed in a tapered, plastic cassette. 262632

    26pcs aluminium and metal toolset packed in a tapered plastic cassette.
    26pcs aluminium and metal toolset, packed in a tapered, plastic cassette.

    £8.26 EACH

  19. 2M foldable ruler 148911

    2M foldable ruler
    Double sided ruler with 200cm on one side and 79 inches on the other side. The ruler is divided in...

    £1.96 EACH

  20. 2M measuring tape 46341

    2M measuring tape
    2M measuring tape with level. 2 metre measuring tape with notebook, pen and belt clip. Includes a...

    £1.17 EACH

  21. 3d Glasses 91938

    3d Glasses
    3D Glasses made of 250GSM paper and 0.16mm PET Lens with a full colour print on one side. Also...

    £0.67 EACH

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