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Stress Toy Characters

  1. Antistress Dokter 240300

    Antistress Dokter
    Stress doctor.

    £1.58 EACH

  2. Antistress Nars 240298

    Antistress Nars
    Stress nurse.

    £2.43 EACH

  3. Stress Alien 164256

    Stress Alien
    Our stress alien is out of this world! Send your promotion into orbit with this fantastic stress...


  4. Stress Alien 164069

    Stress Alien
    Our stress shapes are out of this world! Send your promotion into orbit with this promotional...


  5. Stress Angel 163870

    Stress Angel
    Your customers will love this angel stress reliever, it is just one of our extensive range of...


  6. Stress Army Man Head 164049

    Stress Army Man Head
    Get your head on track with this brilliant stress army man head. Excellent for army recruitment...


  7. Stress Astronaut 163828

    Stress Astronaut
    With our stress astronaut man beyond the sky is the limit. Waiting to be printed with your brand or...


  8. Stress Astronaut Keyring 164265

    Stress Astronaut Keyring
    Our stress astronaut keyring is a perfect pocketsize promotion, print it with your brand or company...


  9. Stress Character 164268

    Stress Character
    This space like stress character is just a number of fun and entertaining stress character we have...


  10. Stress Character 164270

    Stress Character
    With plenty to choose from our stress characters are fantastic for promoting exactly what you need....


  11. Stress Character 164269

    Stress Character
    This blue stress character is an alternative to our others, this moody look yet teenage like stress...


  12. Stress Character 164266

    Stress Character
    Our fun quirky stress character is a great way to relieve your stress. This alien like character is...


  13. Stress Computer Man 163854

    Stress Computer Man
    This stress computer man is an excellent desktop item, with his bendy arms and legs you can shape...


  14. Stress Crazy Face Female 163935

    Stress Crazy Face Female
    Amusing way to get your company name and brand promoted. Harmless fun office product, it's great...


  15. Stress Crazy Face Male 163936

    Stress Crazy Face Male
    An alternative to our crazy faced female stress product. Choose both our male and female crazy...


  16. Stress Drop Man 163853

    Stress Drop Man
    This stress drop man will take your campaign to heights. From our stress products like the stress...


  17. Stress Fireman 164296

    Stress Fireman
    Our stress fireman is a fireman is fantastic promotion product for the services. Based on a new...


  18. Stress Fitness Man 164152

    Stress Fitness Man
    On your marks, get set, GO and start promoting your business with this stress fitness man. We have...


  19. Stress Football Man 163915

    Stress Football Man
    Kick start your promotional campaign with this stress football man. Fantastic desktop item and...


  20. Stress Geisha 164084

    Stress Geisha
    Let us help give your campaign an oriental twist with this excellent geisha stress reliever. No...


  21. Stress Gnome 164238

    Stress Gnome
    Let us help you with our stress gnome, based on the cheeky garden ornament this is a fantastic item...


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