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Phone Chargers

  1. 2.200 Mah Solar Powerbank 219131

    2.200 Mah Solar Powerbank
    Compact but powerful 2200 mAh solar powerbank with integrated solar panel. Can be charged both by...

    £18.17 EACH

  2. 2 In 1 Cable 219115

    2 In 1 Cable
    MFi (made for iphone and iPad) licensed charging and sync cable. Comes with both MFi licensed...

    £15.90 EACH

  3. 2 in 1 Charging Cable 254014

    2 in 1 Charging Cable
    This 2-in-1 charging lead is a really useful multi-functional cable that functions as either a...

    £4.11 EACH

  4. 2-in-1 Keyring Charging Cable 260998

    2-in-1 Keyring Charging Cable
    2-in-1 Keyring Charging Cable - dual fitment charges both lightning and micro-USB phones via USB....

    £2.19 EACH

  5. 3.1A Car Charger With 3 Usb 219121

    3.1A Car Charger With 3 Usb
    Powerful 5V/3.1 A car charger with triple USB port. The charger can charge up to 3 devices at the...

    £6.78 EACH

  6. Backseat Buddy Car Charger 258951

    Backseat Buddy Car Charger
    4.8A car charger that not only allows the two people in the front but also your passengers in the...

    £18.17 EACH

  7. Bespoke Multi Charger Cable 245185

    Bespoke Multi Charger Cable
    What a beautiful gift and the ultimate in brand reinforcement. Essentially you choose the brand and...

    £7.70 EACH

  8. Bianco Power Bank 002109506

    Bianco Power Bank
    Plastic power bank compatible with most smart phones and tablets. USB cable included or use your...

    £11.90 EACH

  9. Car Charger With Integrated Wireless Earbud 259132

    Car Charger With Integrated Wireless Earbud
    Unique design car charger with integrated bluetooth headset that allows a safe hands-free...

    £39.80 EACH

  10. Charger Radik 268941

    Charger Radik
    Wireless charging pad, suitable for certain Android phones. Qi technology. Charge your phone by...

    £6.86 EACH

  11. Charger Slipok 241336

    Charger Slipok
    Retractable multi cable USB charger, with mini USB, micro USB and USB connections. Generous print...

    £2.80 EACH

  12. Charger Yancop 241300

    Charger Yancop
    Flat USB charger cable with micro USB connection.

    £1.21 EACH

  13. Credit Card 2000 Power Bank 215400

    Credit Card 2000 Power Bank
    Slim line power bank with huge full colour branding potential. A-class li-ion battery with 2000mAh...

    £11.66 EACH

  14. Credit Card Slim Power Bank Phone Charger 181621

    Credit Card Slim Power Bank Phone Charger
    Super slim pocker sized 2,500 Mah Polymer battery phone charger with an inbuilt white cable, free...

    £14.88 EACH

  15. Cylinder Power Bank Charger 002110440

    Cylinder Power Bank Charger
    Sleek, portable mobile phone charger. Internal SAMSUNG battery charged up through your computer USB...

    £12.69 EACH

  16. Double Usb Car Charger 132307

    Double Usb Car Charger
    Portable ABS connector that has two USB plugs with one output of 5V/800mA and one output of 5V/1.2A...

    £4.75 EACH

  17. Double USB car charger 167460

    Double USB car charger
    2,1A car charger with 2 USB ports. Suitable for charging your phone, navigation system and your...


  18. Double Usb Port Wall Charger 219120

    Double Usb Port Wall Charger
    Dual USB port charger with 2.4A output that offers enough capacity to charge two devices at the...

    £9.06 EACH

  19. Dual Port Car Charger With Belt Cutter And Hammer 219119

    Dual Port Car Charger With Belt Cutter And Hammer
    Dual USB port car charger that can be used to charge two mobile devices at the same time. This...

    £11.36 EACH

  20. Emergency Charger 248515

    Emergency Charger
    Emergency smartphone and tablet charger with built in lithium battery.

    £7.12 EACH

  21. Emergency Phone Charger 20753449

    Emergency Phone Charger
    Emergency Phone Charger with fittings for Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson

    £3.71 EACH