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Magnifying Glasses

  1. Magnifier Biologic 8X 229282

    Magnifier Biologic 8X
    Magnifier with eight time magnification.

    £2.47 EACH

  2. Magnifier - Coloured handle 70834144

    Magnifier - Coloured handle
    The two part magnifier comes with a coloured handle that can be relief moulded or pad printed and a...

    £1.79 EACH

  3. Magnifier Court 10X 229250

    Magnifier Court 10X
    Metal magnifier with ten time magnification.

    £13.88 EACH

  4. Magnifier Credit Card 60892672

    Magnifier Credit Card
    This pocket or wallet size magnifier is a great aid for reading small text or helping to locate...

    £0.58 EACH

  5. Magnifier in a Sleeve - Credit Card Size 157878

    Magnifier in a Sleeve - Credit Card Size
    This handy pocket or wallet size magnifier has 3 x magnifivcation and comes in its own white...

    £0.84 EACH

  6. Magnifier Mauran 7X 229103

    Magnifier Mauran 7X
    Magnifier with seven time magnification.

    £3.24 EACH

  7. Magnifier Nouk 10X 268961

    Magnifier Nouk 10X
    Metallic magnifier, three LEDs and ruler for measurements. Supplied in zipped box. Batteries not...

    £23.49 EACH

  8. Magnifier Round Pocket Style 157876

    Magnifier Round Pocket Style
    The large pocket magnifier has a 55mm diameter lens with 3 x magnification and comes complete with...

    £2.91 EACH

  9. Magnifier Square Pocket Style 157877

    Magnifier Square Pocket Style
    The small square pocket magnifier has a 40mm diameter lens with 3 x magnification and comes...

    £3.31 EACH

  10. Philippi - Glasses magnifier 245780

    Philippi - Glasses magnifier
    PHILIPPI GLASSES MAGNIFIER. Glasses design magnifying glass. Mirror Polished Nickel. Minimum...

    £16.03 EACH

  11. Ruler Magnifier Okam 227589

    Ruler Magnifier Okam
    Magnifying glass with 8cm ruler and ribbon to use as a bookmark.

    £0.74 EACH

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