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Ladies Gifts

  1. Bling Heart USB Memory Stick - 4GB 172999

    Bling Heart USB Memory Stick - 4GB
    Bling Heart USB Memory Stick, chromed metal

    From£23.49 EACH

  2. Compact Sewing Kit 173008

    Compact Sewing Kit
    Compact Sewing Kit in silver plated hinged case.

    From£10.53 EACH

  3. Crystal Compact Double Mirror 172943

    Crystal Compact Double Mirror
    Ladies Nickel Plated Double Compact Mirror with 3 crystals. Gift Boxed

    From£10.30 EACH

  4. Crystal Jewellery Box 172933

    Crystal Jewellery Box
    Ladies Silver Plated Metal With Crystals. Gift Boxed

    From£12.89 EACH

  5. Flower shaped handbag hook 172996

    Flower shaped handbag hook
    Flower shaped handbag hook, just extend and position at the edge of your table or desk, chromed...

    From£4.65 EACH

  6. Handbag Compact Double Mirror 172944

    Handbag Compact Double Mirror
    Ladies Handbag Shape Nickel Plated Double Compact Mirror. Size: 57Mmx47Mm 9Mm. Minimum Quantity: 25

    From£8.18 EACH

  7. Heart Shaped Double Mirror 172992

    Heart Shaped Double Mirror
    A heart shaped double compact mirror, silver plated, boxed.

    From£11.71 EACH

  8. Ladies Heart Pen 172977

    Ladies Heart Pen
    A ballpoint pen with a heart trinket on the top. Comes with a smooth black pen case, silver plated

    From£10.53 EACH

  9. Lipstick Holder 173013

    Lipstick Holder
    Lipstick Holder, hinged with a Mirror on the inside, chromed metal.

    From£5.59 EACH

  10. Personal Multi Set 95530

    Personal Multi Set
    Pen, toothpick, knife, scissors, nail file, tweezers, nail file, rule, and protractor in...

    From£6.68 EACH

  11. Philippi - Diana jewellery box 172843

    Philippi - Diana jewellery box
    Philippi - Diana jewellery box, Shiny nickel plated, felt blue, Gift boxed.

    From£28.83 EACH

  12. Philippi - Ellipse perfume atomizer 172883

    Philippi - Ellipse perfume atomizer
    Philippi - Ellipse perfume atomizer, Silver-plated, Gift Boxed

    From£13.24 EACH

  13. Philippi - Love heart pocket mirror 172839

    Philippi - Love heart pocket mirror
    Philippi - Love heart pocket mirror, nickel, mirror polished, gift boxed.

    From£10.35 EACH

  14. Philippi - Pad jewellery box heart 172867

    Philippi - Pad jewellery box heart
    Philippi - Pad jewellery box heart, Nickel, mirror polished, gift boxed.

    From£10.35 EACH

  15. Philippi - Pad jewellery box oval 172868

    Philippi - Pad jewellery box oval
    Philippi - Pad jewellery box oval, Nickel, mirror polished, giftboxed.

    From£11.49 EACH

  16. Philippi - Rondo pocket mirror 172833

    Philippi - Rondo pocket mirror
    Philippi - Rondo double pocket mirror, Silver-plated, magnet lock, Giftboxed.

    From£11.49 EACH

  17. Pillbox 200177888


    From£0.57 EACH

  18. Pillbox 200177890

    Pillbox with 5 Plasters

    From£0.36 EACH

  19. Pillbox 200177887


    From£0.28 EACH

  20. Pillbox 200177886

    Pillbox, Metal

    From£0.96 EACH

  21. Round Heart Jewellery Box 172934

    Round Heart Jewellery Box
    Round Heart Jewellery Box In Silver Plated Metal Finish. Gift Boxed.

    From£9.36 EACH

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