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  1. Ball pen with textmarker 2-in-1 167044

    Ball pen with textmarker 2-in-1
    Stylish metal ball pen with cap (blue ink) and highlighter. For orders from 5.500 pieces, other...

    From£0.86 EACH

  2. Drop Highlighter 243048

    Drop Highlighter
    Toppoint designed highlighter with 5 different writing colours. Print on the body.


  3. Hand Highlighter 243051

    Hand Highlighter
    Highlighter in the shape of a hand with 5 writing colours. Digital imprint is possible. Material is...

    From£0.89 EACH

  4. Highlighter and Ball pen 243046

    Highlighter and Ball pen
    Highlighter and ball pen, silver colour with black parts. With pad printing.

    From£0.44 EACH

  5. Highlighter Fish 167055

    Highlighter Fish
    A fish highlighter. Printing on the fish. From orders of 10.000 pieces you can choose your own...

    From£0.36 EACH

  6. Highlighter Fish Catch 4 pieces 167058

    Highlighter Fish Catch 4 pieces
    A fish highlighter, 4 pieces in a giftbox, several colour highligters to choose from. Printing on...

    From£1.68 EACH

  7. Highlighter Fish Keycord 167056

    Highlighter Fish Keycord
    A fish highlighter with coloured keycord. Printing on the body. From orders of 10.000 pieces you...

    From£0.42 EACH

  8. Highlighter Flower 243047

    Highlighter Flower
    Frosted round highlighter with 5 writing colours. Big print area. ABS material.


  9. Highlighter Man 275449

    Highlighter Man
    Man shaped figure with fluorescent coloured highlighters. The legs, hands and head are highlighters...


  10. Highlighter standard 167041

    Highlighter standard
    Highlighter. The colour of the cap indicates the writing colour.


  11. Highlighter Triangle 167047

    Highlighter Triangle
    Triangle highlighter with 3 writing colours. Large printing surface on both sides. Ideal for...

    From£0.44 EACH

  12. High-liker 275448

    Highlighter in the well-known 'like' shape. Every finger has a different colour. The highlighters...


  13. Injection-Highlighter 243050

    Transparent injection highlighter. Colour indicates writing colour.

    From£0.27 EACH

  14. Puck Highlighter 243049

    Puck Highlighter
    Round Toppoint designed highlighter with 3 writing colours. Large printing surface on the white...