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  1. 5-in-1 Highlighter Pen 298321

    5-in-1 Highlighter Pen
    All purpose ballpoint pen with choice of four ink colours, red, black, blue and green with a yellow...

    £1.79 EACH

  2. adhesive notepad Nanabi 233653

    adhesive notepad Nanabi
    Adhesive notepad (25 pcs large 150 pcs small) with solar-powered calculator in recycled paper case.

    £1.59 EACH

  3. Alicante Highlighter 167035

    Alicante Highlighter
    Plastic ballpen with yellow highlighter in the cap. Pen can be used by means of a twist mechanism....


  4. Ball pen with textmarker 2-in-1 167044

    Ball pen with textmarker 2-in-1
    Stylish metal ball pen with cap (blue ink) and highlighter. For orders from 5.500 pieces, other...

    £1.47 EACH

  5. Bergman Highlighter Pen 204397

    Bergman Highlighter Pen
    Unique twist action ballpoint with long lasting yellow, blue, green and pink highlighters.The...

    £0.96 EACH

  6. Big Foot Highlighter 133868

    Big Foot Highlighter
    Attractive foot shaped highlighter, with cap off ink and generous print area.


  7. Boxerset 167045

    Beautiful set of 3 ball pens (red, blue and black), 1 yellow highlighter and 1 mechanical pencil....


  8. Buzz Highlighter Set 002107101

    Buzz Highlighter Set
    Rectangular Cased 5 piece highlighter set

    £2.40 EACH

  9. Chimay Highlighter Pot 159398

    Chimay Highlighter Pot
    Plastic highlighter pot containing 5 mini highlighters. Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Orange.

    £2.08 EACH

  10. Clover Highlighter 002112081

    Clover Highlighter
    Promotional wax highlighter with an original design. Five vibrant colours to choose from.

    £1.38 EACH

  11. Combi 160843

    Dual ended highlighter, featuring a solid White barrel with a generous print area. A black ink...


  12. Crayon Highligter set 159401

    Crayon Highligter set
    Unique wax crayon highlighter set in white plastic box with three coloured crayon highlighters.

    £1.87 EACH

  13. Curvy Highlighter 31975

    Curvy Highlighter
    Our Curvy Highlighter offers the same great styling of our bestselling Curvy Ballpen, but with a...


  14. Drop Highlighter 243048

    Drop Highlighter
    Toppoint designed highlighter with 5 different writing colours. Print on the body.

    £1.29 EACH

  15. Duett 24279

    Duett highlighter.


  16. Fleur Solid 24296

    Fleur Solid
    Attractive flower shaped highlighter with a solid middle inner, with 5 different colour inks.


  17. Fleur Transparent 10454558

    Fleur Transparent
    Attractive flower shaped highlighter in a frosted finish, with 5 different colour inks.


  18. Flower Highlighter 60578960

    Flower Highlighter
    Help your sales to flourish and grow with our Flower Highlighter Set! The round central area is...


  19. Flower Highlighter 002102078

    Flower Highlighter
    Flower shaped highlighter with 5 highlighter petals. Yellow Blue Green Orange and Pink.

    £1.16 EACH

  20. Flower Petal Highlighter 248337

    Flower Petal Highlighter
    Fashionable desk top accessory, this petal/flower shaped highlighter has five different coloured...

    £1.56 EACH

  21. Galaxy 24298

    Galaxy highlighter.