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First Aid Kits

  1. 10-piece first aid kit 46244

    10-piece first aid kit
    Gauze pad, 2 alcohol pads, soap wipe, wet wipe and 5 plasters in transparent red box with lanyard....

    From£1.87 EACH

  2. 16-piece first aid kit 47184

    16-piece first aid kit
    EVA pouch including 4 alcohol pads, 1 non woven sponge, 5 adhesive plasters, 1 paper tape, 1...

    From£4.88 EACH

  3. 19-piece first aid kit 47198

    19-piece first aid kit
    19-piece first aid kit with safety vest. First aid pouch containing an EN 471 compliant safety...

    From£13.97 EACH

  4. 20-piece first aid kit 46222

    20-piece first aid kit
    5 Plasters, 4 alcohol pads, bandage, triangle bandage, 2 safety pins, 5 gauzes and scissors in...

    From£2.66 EACH

  5. 47-piece first aid kit 47185

    47-piece first aid kit
    47-piece first aid kit with safety vest. Handy car emergency first aid kit including a triangle...

    From£16.74 EACH

  6. 5-piece plaster box 47200

    5-piece plaster box
    5 Plasters in transparent box. EN 13485 compliant. Plastic

    From£0.31 EACH

  7. Anti Bacteria Kit - Pebble Kit 219079

    Anti Bacteria Kit - Pebble Kit
    When it is important to ensure your hands are bacteria free this useful kit is the essentail must...

    From£4.41 EACH

  8. Beach Kit - Pebble Kit 002111041

    Beach Kit - Pebble Kit
    Be prepared for sun sea and sand with this great kit including antiseptic wipe, lemon fresh wipe,...

    From£3.16 EACH

  9. Bike Ride Kit - Pebble Kit 002111040

    Bike Ride Kit - Pebble Kit
    A selection of items including razor, shaving cream,aftershave balm, toothbrush and paste, lemon...

    From£4.29 EACH

  10. Emergency Kit Redcross 241875

    Emergency Kit Redcross
    Emergency first aid kit in a 600D polyester pouch with Velcro fastening and 17 accessories (1 x...

    From£3.94 EACH

  11. First-aid-kit "canterbury" 170033

    Great for those emergencies! This first-aid-kit supplies you for emergencies with two bandages (5 x...

    From£2.87 EACH

  12. First Aid - Pebble Kit 002111053

    First Aid - Pebble Kit
    Everyone should have the basic first aid kit and her it is including 2 antiseptic wipes, gauze...

    From£3.91 EACH

  13. Flight Kit Hers - Pebble Kit 002111052

    Flight Kit Hers - Pebble Kit
    Flying away? Especially for the ladies a kit for you to freshen up before landing including a hand...

    From£5.40 EACH

  14. Flight Kit His - Pebble Kit 002111051

    Flight Kit His - Pebble Kit
    Flying away then take a kit with you to freshen up before landing including razor, shaving cream,...

    From£4.22 EACH

  15. Glovebox - Pebble Kit 002111054

    Glovebox - Pebble Kit
    What every driver needs in an emergency this kit includes icescraper, disposable gloves, pen and...

    From£4.44 EACH

  16. Golf Bag - Pebble Kit 002111042

    Golf Bag - Pebble Kit
    Off the tee or on the green you have all you require in this kit including a ball marker, 2 tees,...

    From£4.73 EACH

  17. MiniPod Kit - Dental Care 002111065

    MiniPod Kit - Dental Care
    The Dental Care minipod contains small toothbrush and toothpaste. Each kit comes with a full colour...

    From£2.21 EACH

  18. MiniPod Kit - Festival 002111066

    MiniPod Kit - Festival
    The Festival minipod contains 2 x plasters, a refreshing wipe and a deodorant wipe to keep you in...

    From£1.87 EACH

  19. MiniPod Kit - First Aid 002111064

    MiniPod Kit - First Aid
    The First Aid minipod contains an antiseptic wipe, 2 plasters and tissues. Each kit comes with a...

    From£1.77 EACH

  20. MiniPod Kit - Travel and Refresh 002111061

    MiniPod Kit - Travel and Refresh
    The Travel and Refresh minipod contains a lemon fresh wipe, tissues and 2 mints. Each kit comes...

    From£1.87 EACH

  21. Office Refresh Kit - Hers - Pebble Kit 002111045

    Office Refresh Kit - Hers - Pebble Kit
    A selection of items including hair band, moisturiser, lemon fresh wipe, 2 mints, sewing kit, nail...

    From£4.02 EACH