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Emergency Hammers & Tools

  1. Cutter. 158506

    Cutter. 155 x 30 x 10 mm

    From£0.25 EACH

  2. Cutter. 158505

    Cutter. 130 x 20 x 8 mm

    From£0.19 EACH

  3. Emergency Hammer Seleter 269042

    Emergency Hammer Seleter
    3-in-1 Emergency hammer. Including LED torch, knife and hammer with safety cap. Button batteries...


  4. Lifesaver - Safetytool + Carcharger 256923

    Lifesaver  - Safetytool + Carcharger
    t helps with its two inputs once your energy runs short. So its a indispensable helper no car...


  5. Mini multi-function pliers. 184965

    Mini multi-function pliers.
    Mini multi-function pliers. Stainless steel and aluminium. With 9 functions. Supplied in 600D...

    From£3.92 EACH

  6. Mini tool set. 158473

    Mini tool set.
    Mini tool set. 2-LED flashlight. 6 screwdriver bits. Includes 2 CR1220 batteries. 91 x 33 x 13 mm

    From£0.78 EACH

  7. Mini tool set. 261166

    Mini tool set.
    Mini tool set. PS. 4 screwdriver bits. 92 x 22 x 13 mm

    From£0.56 EACH

  8. Mini tool set. 158475

    Mini tool set.
    Mini tool set. Metal. 8 screwdriver bits. 15 x 108 mm

    From£1.32 EACH

  9. Tool set. 261165

    Tool set.
    Tool set. ABS. With clip, 4 LEDs and 5 screwdriver bits. Includes 2 AAA batteries. 90 x 30 x 35 mm

    From£2.43 EACH

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