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  1. 52-piece colouring set 133250

    52-piece colouring set
    12 marker pens, 12 colouring pencils, 12 wax crayons, 12 watercolour paint, paint brush, sharpener,...

    £6.65 EACH

  2. 67-piece colouring set 46437

    67-piece colouring set
    Set of 12 water paint colours, 12 coloured pencils, 12 colouring pens, 12 oil pastels, 12 crayons,...

    £8.59 EACH

  3. 6-piece crayon set 46489

    6-piece crayon set
    6 coloured wax crayons. Decoration not available on components. Cardboard

    £0.26 EACH

  4. 6 Wax Crayons 7043037

    6 Wax Crayons
    6 Pack Half Length Crayons with a full colour printed insert.

    £0.56 EACH

  5. Bag Wistick 252184

    Bag Wistick
    Non-woven colour your own bag with five wax crayons.


  6. Box 136468

    Box with 6 crayon. Cardboard. 53 x 92 x 9 mm

    £0.22 EACH

  7. Colouring Crayons 10475589

    Colouring Crayons
    Our Colouring Crayons are perfect for keeping children entertained making them ideal for schools,...

    £0.62 EACH

  8. Crayon set 187223

    Crayon set
    6 coloured wax crayons in clear casing. Decoration not available on components. ABS plastic

    £0.33 EACH

  9. Crayon Set Miney 229165

    Crayon Set Miney
    Six stacking coloured crayons in a clear case.

    £0.98 EACH

  10. Crayon Set Pichi 229122

    Crayon Set Pichi
    Pack of six wax crayons.

    £0.67 EACH

  11. Crayon Set Tune 229356

    Crayon Set Tune
    Pack of six wax crayons.

    £0.67 EACH

  12. Crayons & Sharpener in a Tube 92757

    Crayons & Sharpener in a Tube
    A set of 6 coloured crayons in a cardboard tube with a cap that includes a pencil sharpener. Clear...

    £1.12 EACH

  13. Crayons Springfield 269926

    Crayons Springfield
    Material: plasticInformation: 6 crayons in different coloursBranding Method: pad printingPrint...


  14. Darwen Crayon Set 133770

    Darwen Crayon Set
    30 piece crayon set housed in recycled cylindrical card case

    £2.21 EACH

  15. Puzzle Zeta 227287

    Puzzle Zeta
    Colouring jigsaw with four wax crayons.

    £0.95 EACH

  16. Set Yisus 268837

    Set Yisus
    Colouring set with six wax crayons.

    £1.37 EACH

  17. Stocking Plicom 252185

    Stocking Plicom
    Non-woven colour your own christmas stocking with five wax crayons.