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  1. 25g Chocolate Bar 131806

    25g Chocolate Bar
    Solid Milk Chocolate Bar Individually Foil Wrapped & Banded with a Digital Printed Paper Wrap....


  2. 2 Celebrations Box 215803

    2 Celebrations Box
    2 mars celebrations assorted chocolatesdigitally printed box

    From£2.15 EACH

  3. 2 Pack Chewing Gum 131802

    2 Pack Chewing Gum
    2 Pieces of Fresh Mints Sugar Free Chewing Gums in a Flow Wrapped Packet. Also Available in 1 Piece...


  4. 30g bags of Jelly Belly Beans 183201

    30g bags of Jelly Belly Beans
    Bags of Jelly Belly Beans are available in 30g or 50g clear cellophane bags which can be...

    From£1.11 EACH

  5. 6 Piece Chewing Gum Pack 70712087

    6 Piece Chewing Gum Pack
    6 pieces of sugar free Spearmint Chewing Gum in a blister pack. Full colour branding is available...

    From£0.48 EACH

  6. Advent Calendar 131850

    Advent Calendar
    WALL ADVENT CALENDAR. Traditional Advent Calendar with 25 Doors Each Filled with Belgian Milk...


  7. Bag of Mini Salted Pretzels 238943

    Bag of Mini Salted Pretzels
    A 10g bag of mini salted pretzels. Bag available in white or transparent can be flood printed up to...

    From£0.32 EACH

  8. Bags of Popcorn 25700

    Bags of Popcorn
    Small bags of popcorn personalised with a digital print label.

    From£1.13 EACH

  9. Ball Lollipop 131812

    Ball Lollipop
    9G BALL LOLLIPOP. 9g Lollypop. Available in Cola Cherry Lemon Orange Apple Mints Peach Blackberry...


  10. Bean Dispenser Beanies 214637

    Bean Dispenser  Beanies
    This includes a fully branded product with a personalised domed label on the lid and 4 x 200g bags...

    From£17.27 EACH

  11. Bean Dispenser Jelly Bean Factory 214624

    Bean Dispenser  Jelly Bean Factory
    This includes a fully branded product with a personalised domed label on the lid and 4 x 200g bags...

    From£20.41 EACH

  12. Biscuits 242702


    From£16.10 EACH

  13. Biscuits 242699


    From£17.50 EACH

  14. Biscuits 242703


    From£14.70 EACH

  15. Biscuit Tube 131813

    Biscuit Tube
    200G BISCUIT TUBE. Filled with Clotted Cream or chocolate chip Biscuits Sealed with a Digital...


  16. Blister Pack Advent Calendar 131814

    Blister Pack Advent Calendar
    Smallest Christmas/Festive Calendar in the World Filled with Either Chocolate Beans or Cough Sweets...


  17. Branded Beans 149102

    Branded Beans
    BRANDED BEANS Branded chocolate beans in a sliding blister pack/box filled with 9pcs of white...


  18. Branded Macaroons 168404

    Branded Macaroons
    Luxurious high-quality macaroons branded to the top surface. Colours/flavours: Brown: dark...


  19. Branded Popkake 178898

    Branded Popkake
    Assorted Flavours PopCakes with branded tags. Printing area of the tags is 80 x 30mm. Flavours:...

    From£1.38 EACH

  20. Breakfast Biscuits 287067

    Breakfast Biscuits
    A pack of 4 oval shaped crispy biscuits baked from full grain of 4 cereals: wheat, barley, rye and...


  21. Bus Tin Beanies 214638

    Bus Tin  Beanies
    Our Bespoke British Bus Sweet Tin is printed full colour in 3 positions. Filled with 4 x 30g bags...

    From£3.93 EACH

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